Welcome To Vegan Food Near Me Perth

Firstly it is fantastic to have you check out Vegan Food Near Me Perth. It is our intention to serve up to you all of the Vegan Dinning options that are near you. 


It is also our intention to serve up all of the Vegan Dining Options in a way that is easy to access and easy to use. 

With the ultimate vision to make it easier for you to find locations that have Vegan options on their menu.


Why Vegan Food Near Me?


I am Kim and have been vegan since 2014 and I travel a lot.

Some of it pleasure but mostly for work.

Whenever I land in a new destination I, like any other being on this planet want to know where my next meal is coming from. 


I also dine out with plenty of people who aren’t yet vegan.


Instead of joining the local vegan group in facebook, waiting to be accepted, then asking which places were great for what then trawling through the sites to find something that will work for everyone, I thought I would create a resource for myself…


I had another idea.

What if I created the resource online and shared with this passionate community that I am a part of and make it accessible to all to share your own experiences!

Given that I am a local to the Perth region I thought I would start there and then expand as I continue to travel.

But also I know a lot of you in the Perth region, and I guess a little selfishly I wanted to find out what other options are out there that I haven’t yet found.  

A couple of my favourites in Perth are Chick Pea Cafe, Raw Kitchen, Pink Duck, Jaffelato and Peace’za

Getting The Most Out Of Vegan Food Near Me Perth

To date there are over 500 venues that have been added to the directory listing for Vegan Food Near Me Perth. 


The intention with this resource was to enable people to find Vegan dining options that were close by. 


As this resource grows we hope to have menu’s added so you can see what your options are instantly and try to make it as easy as possible to decide on a venue for your next delicious plant based meal. 


You will notice that we have put search bars around the site in locations that enable ease of access and use. 


We have added a bunch of functionality that enables you to rate venues and provide feedback.  

Adding A Venue Vegan Food Near Me Perth

How to add a venue:

Step 1: Go to the “Add Listing” in the top right of the navigation bar

Step 2: Go to facebook and find your favourite venue

Step 3: Copy the facebook address for the venue

Step 4: Paste the venues facebook address into the add listing field “Import Details from Social”

Step 5: Enter your Name and Email

Step 6: Click on Import Details

Step 7: Check the details that have been imported and make any edits if needed. 

Step 8: Add a photo of the menu if you can please or type in what the Vegan options are in the description.

Step 9: Click “Submit Listing”


This listing will then get sent to the team for verification. 


The alternative process (which is way longer)

Is to go to the same page and fill out all of the individual fields. 


Claiming And Updating A Venue

Once a venue has been added only the Venue owner will be able to update the listing. 

We will soon have the functionality for Owners to update their own listings so watch this space. 

In the mean time if you would like something updated please send us a message via the Contact Page

What If A Venue Has Closed?

If a venue is closed permanently then please send us a message via the Contact Page